Our Story

It all started 22 years ago when we sold nearly everything we owned and moved to Iowa from California to find a better life for ourselves and our children.  

We used money that we had saved to open our first store. We wanted our pawn shop to be a place that our entire family could be proud of, meaning that we were going to instill our personal values into every aspect of our operation.  

It wasn’t easy.

In the beginning it was just my husband and myself working the store, no employees. We focused on getting to know each customer, listening to their story, and trying to help each person as much as we could. We told people the truth, even if it wasn’t necessarily what they wanted to hear.

Our customers are like family to us, and sometimes like family, we need to let them know the truth.  

Now we loaned people as much as we could afford, and priced things for sale at what they were worth – not more.

The store and all of the merchandise is clean – so clean, in fact, that customers  come in to shop our retail floor and not even know that we are a pawn shop! We make it a point to help customers into and out of the store with their merchandise if needed.  

As word has spread around town of the service and value of what our store offers, we began to grow – adding team members and eventually two more stores. Throughout our growth process we focused on treating our team members like we would want to be treated, and passing-on to them the core values that have led to our success.